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Hi everyone,


I'm thinking of an EE in theatre. My school hasn't introduced the EE yet, but I thought it'd be better to plan ahead a little bit so that I don't get overwhelmed by the work. 


Are there any restrictions on the theatre EE topics? Do we have to do it on a specific practitioner/tradition (as we do in the IB Theatre Syllabus) or can we do contemporary works as well?


Any other advice regarding a theatre EE or the EE in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Well, first up, the thing about an EE is that you should enjoy it. You're gonna spend a reasonable amount of time on it, so if you don't like your topic, its gonna be bad.
Second, you need to consider your advisors. If your school has crappy advisors for say, English, probably not the best idea to do it on English. Not saying you can't get an A by yourself, but its harder.

Next, your school will probably introduce it during the second semester. If I were you, I would have a broad topic, and then narrow it down. Like "Why did Hitler rise to power" is a broad topic, but it can be narrowed to "Was it the Great Depression that lead to Hitler's rise." 

Next up, work in  the summer. Just an hour or two everyday, (you can take weekends and the odd day off) will let you finish your EE and help a ton during senior year. The amount of assessments and stuff I was swarmed with in senior year is ridiculous. 

Also, it might be worth considering having an EE in a subject that you find easy. Normally, (at least in my school) you can do your EE in your HLs or in some (very few. I only know 1 guy doing this) a subject you are not taking. But if you find say, Economics easier than History, and can put in the time for Econ, like collecting data and stuff, might be worth considering an Econ EE even if History is your favourite subject, but thats just my opinion.

Finally, try to get as much feedback from your advisor as possible. Seems stupid to hand in multiple drafts, but if works it works.


I know this isn't helping your Theatre EE, but since I don't take theatre, and my EE is in History, I don't want to give you wrong information and **** you over.


Hope this helps.



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go read the EE guide and specifically look at theatre.


theatre is a great subject to do an ee in because there's just so many options on what you can do, how you can do it etc. and unlike an english ee where you're limited to "choose a text, analyse it, write an essay" or a science ee, "write up an experiment, try the experiment, improve the experiment, write about it", you have a lot of freedom and there's no set way that you have to write the EE. 


my theatre ee hasn't been officially marked yet, but my supervisor predicted me an A so I feel like i kinda of know about theatre ee's so feel free to message me about what topics you're considering and i can give you advice and stuff :)


who you should do it is

  1. chose subject (done)
  2. read EE guide (what you're about to do)
  3. brainstorm topics you're interested in. For me, I was interested in audience participation and started with an EE about the Rocky Horror Picture Show exploring the role of audience participation in that. My supervisor suggested i try write my ee proving that the audience participation was community/applied theatre and she lent me a book about applied theatre. i read the book and found really interesting stuff about different uses of theatre (like did you know the KKK and the Nazi's used theatre to convince people that what they were doing was good? because I didn't and I found that really interesting.) in that book there was a lot of things about Augusto Boal and Theatre of the Opressed which is like as applied theatre as you can go because at one point he was a politician and he would get his actors to perform his proposed legislation in the streets for the civilians to understand the legislation. then the civillians could participate in the legislative theatre and change it to how they liked it and yeah pretty community theatre. I saw that Boal was used a lot in schools, prisons, refugee camps, work places, community centres etc and I found that really interesting so that's what I chose to research
  5. write
  6. research
  7. write
  8. research
  9. write
  10. edit
  11. write
  12. research
  13. write
  14. edit

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