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Math Exploration Topic Help

So I have to decide on my topic for my exploration this weekend and I do have some Ideas but I'm not sure if they're suitable


What I'm interested in  most is exploring infinity

If I did this I might write about things as different sets of infinity, countable and uncountable. And might also use Hilbert's paradox of the Grand hotel.

I'm not however sure if there would be enough math involved and if it's appropriate. If not would any of you know another way to approach and discuss infinity?


My second choice would be exploring the Law of Large numbers and why it works. 


Thanks in advance for any help

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Often explorations on infinity are too theoretical or even philosophical. I mean it is hard to project an original voice if you are simply going to echo other's voice. Don't do that. Try as best as you canto include your own examples to fit into existing theories on infinite. Limits might also good to incorporate.

Mm the Law of Large Numbers seems appropriate, but you have to go beyond the simple explanation. ​​

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