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Madison Hatcher

IA Inferential Statistics Paragraph

Hi everyone! I was just wondering how to write the paragraph about inferential statistics in my IA. I did all of the math (I think) and figured out the significance level and which hypothesis to reject and accept, but I don't know what two-tailed or one-tailed means (my teacher wants it in the paragraph). Here is exactly what my teacher said to put in the paragraph:


Analysis of Results:

This information is used to decide the level of significance that was achieved in the study. You must justify why you chose your statistical test.  Words like one-tailed, non-parametric and type of data (ordinal, nominal, and interval) should be used. Information like the critical value should be mentioned as well as the p < or > 0.01 or 0.05 should be mentioned in this section but calculations should be in the appendix.

Then you must state whether the findings indicated true significance.

            The results were found to be significant (p<0.05) which means that the    probability of the results occurring by chance if the null hypothesis is true is              less than 5%. Therefore, the null hypothesis was rejected and the research

            hypothesis was accepted.

If you cannot reject the null hypothesis, than you cannot make any real decision about your research hypothesis and this will be explored in the discussion section.



Sorry if this question doesn't make any sense, but I really need help :( Thanks in advanced!

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