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maths EE vs maths IA

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OK. i know that quite a few people have been asking about the Maths EE already.. BUT. what if:

i have a topic in mind that deals with probability in a kind of dice/gambling game.

but somehow it seems to me like an extension of some kind of maths coursework in probability.

of course, the depth to which i aim to reach is beyond what would be dealt with in an IA.. but should there be a greater contrast between the two?

actually, this question can be applied to all subjects.. for e.g. what, apart from the technicalities of no of words, etc differentiates a history IA from an EE in history?

i need to send in at least 2 possible topics in as soon as possible (actually, the prelim. ddate is tonight>.<) to my teacher...

so i'd also appreciate quirky, innovative games, etc that could possibly involve probability or some kind of mathematical knowhow..

ta, B

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