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Choosing Topics (2nd year)

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So I wish to take two subjects in the Arts (Theatre and Film) but apparently I can't take two arts subjects? Also, do I need to do examinations for either of these subjects? Apparently I don't for Theatre but I'm not sure for film. Also, I will be doing the Film course online.


I am asking because I am planning on moving to a new school next year for my second year of IB, and the school told me that my subjects will be quite difficult to catch up (Physics HL, chem SL, bio HL, english HL and spanish SL, maths SL) BUT possible if I am willing to put in a lot more work! However...


-English we are doing different books so I will just need to suck it up and study theirs.

-Maths is maths whatever school I go to. I have the textbook so I am all good.

-I love biology so there is no way, no matter if they have studied everything that I haven't already, I am not   dropping it.

-I know another european language so spanish is not that hard for me so I'll be okay.


CHEM AND PHYSICS THOUGH. I have no idea what was going through my head when I chose them! I never liked either and I just thought that maybe I will want a shot to go to medical school. WHYYYYY


I suck so bad at them and I hate them so much that I literally have no motivation. So, is it possible to swap subjects after my first year? 


I literally am the biggest theatre geek out and at my previous school I was part of every film club out and have studied the history and stuff about angles and all that, so I will try SO HARD if I am able to do film and theatre. I love them so much, I have no clue why I didn't take them. Silly me. I just thought they wouldn't get me anywhere but honestly I just wish I stuck to what I loved  :(


Anyways, is it okay to swap two subjects if the original two I suck at, and the next two I love and will literally quit sleep to catch up and do??? (I'm like serious, I take like four different drama classes a week, theatre is my baby). I am pretty ahead in Bio so I am fully serious when I say that I will study the crap out of dat Bio textbook and do my exams in May if I have to (in the country I am in, the exams are in november). Like, for reals. Then I'd have more time for my film and theatre catch up as I wouldn't have any more Bio to do.


And my other question is, can I take two arts subjects? I will literally cry and beg and beg and beg if there is any slight chance that I can. 


Thank you!

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I think you can't.

As you are now you are lacking group 3 subject altogether. I assume you have permission for irregular Diploma by IBO. Because if you don't you will not get your Diploma.

And no, with normal 6 subjects you cant take 2 art subjects. With 7 subjects you can. I have 3 sciences and no art at all, and I need to have 7 subjects as you see from my signature.

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