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Language and Literature Subject Choice

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I will be starting my first year of the IB in January, and I'm not 100% sure about my subject choices. 


You see, I want to study medicine after the IB so I'm thinking of choosing Biology HL, Chemistry HL and Language and Literature HL.

I'm pretty sure about Biology and Chemistry, but i'm doubtful about about the last one.


On the first group I can choose between: 

-Literature in Spanish

-Literature in English

-Literature and Language in Spanish

-Literature and Language in English


So my question is, what do you do in Literature and Language? And should i choose it or just stick with Literature in English?


As you can probably tell I'm pretty nervous! So any help is welcome. :)


Thank you in advance!




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Could you give us some background as your proficiency in Spanish as opposed to English? Which is your first language, if either? 

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My mother tonge is Spanish, but I've barely lived in spanish speaking countries, which has made me use English as a resource for communication.

It will be the first school I attend where all the lessons are in English, German prior to this.

In my last school they didn't emphasise essays as much as I hear they do in the IB. 


Thanks for the reply!

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