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Chemistry videos!

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So the other day I was searching for videos on chemistry on youtube. Unfortunately my chemistry teacher sucks and does not explain things thoroughly. Anyways, I came across this video on the mole concept:

I was amazed at how "chemguy" was able to make me understand the mole concept in about 10 minutes, something I did not understand when my teacher explained it.
I immediately got interested and realized that "chemguy" had uploaded over 100 videos on youtube on chemistry!

So from now on I will surely benefit from these videos! Just thought I'd let everyone know, so everyone can benefit from them!

Direct link to the Youtube channel: [url="http://www.youtube.com/bannanaiscool"]http://www.youtube.com/bannanaiscool[/url]

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Thanks for the information, anything that might help me with Chemistry HL is fine! -_-

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