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Do you actually study in the IB?


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  1. 1. Do YOU study for classes in general?

    • Yes, I have dedicated a specific amount of time to studying at home more than twice a week.
    • Sometimes, when it is necessary (studying at the last moment, studying for your worst subject(s))
    • Meh, I just glance at my books sometimes.
    • No, I don't feel the need to study.

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In my freshman and sophomore years, I did the IGCSE, but I find it completely trash because it isn't helping me with IB at all. The style is completely different. Although IB IS very challenging, I learned to love it so much more than IGCSE because I feel like I can express myself more through IB whereas with IGCSE I was trapped in a small box with my work. 

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I study for most of my subjects, a few days in advance for the tests. Especially this year (second IB year) I feel like there's so much work to do. I wouldn't be able to score high at all were it not for studying :\

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IB difficulty varies based on the student, though it is an international program that is based on an international curriculum, we can agree that a student taking IB HL Theatre as opposed to one taking IB HL Math has different difficulties in their subject areas. Therefore, studying habits differ, as some subjects may come easier to others.


Be careful when you post statements like this though, it may seem boastful and inconsiderate of those who do need to try very hard and study very hard for the program. Those who need to try harder deserve massive props for their determination and efforts.

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