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Maths IA / Exploration - Fashion and other topics

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I am first year IB student, and today was the first consultation about Exploration with my maths teacher. Our homework for the break was  to search some topics that we are interested in from maths point of view.


Mostly I am interested in fashion. Everything I have found on the internet seems too basic. And there are more aspects of fashion in maths, for exaple at selling, fabric price and sizing ... I guess doing all of them would be incoherent, not specific and still, too basic.

Is there any idea that could work for a fashion topic? That is not too basic? Did I miss anything?


Other thing I am interested in is graphs of exchange rates, but i think that would be too difficult, and it is something that people do as their job, so maybe it's not the best but is there anything I could do with it?


I like statistics and I like keeping everything in order, for example I collect and note all my expenses and money I get/earn so then I can check what I spent the most on, when did I spend the most etc. 


I hope you can help an thanks :)

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On 12/4/2018 at 1:22 AM, benoverstreet said:

Hello! I have a student interested in writing an IA about Fashion related topics. Would you be willing to send me a copy of your paper?


Mr. Overstreet
American School of Madrid

Hi! I am currently in my first year IB and I have a strong interest in fashion too.

I wanted to do a fashion-related IA in math SL but I couldn't think of any ideas. So, if it's alright for you, do you mind sending me the copies of it? 

Please and thank you:)


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