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math studies IA research question

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I just have a quick question about my ia hypothesis question, I want to know if its testable for ibo. I've gone through a series of questions already and would hate to have to start over because my questions isn't up to ibo standards or isn't testable.


topic question: DID THE HOUSE MARKET CRASH OF 2006-2011 AFFECT THE US ECONOMY? or maybe DOES THE CRASH OF THE HOUSE MARKET AFFECT AN ECONOMY? (in case saying US is too specific or needless for math)

 I did plan on looking only at data from the US house market crash of the recent years , is that okay? I'm open to suggestions


in addition any ideas what ibo means by using two equations when analyze data?


thank you

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Is that for math SL or HL? You might get higher marks in SL for that but it's more on the economical side than maths. How are you looking to work with the data and how are you looking to process and relate the data?


I think once you answer those questions and if you can get a graph out of what you're saying, you should be set.

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