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The Big Four

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Here's my opinion, with my favorite nicknames for them and a grade:

[b] Democrats [/b]

[i]Obama (Omaha)[/i] - Decent looking guy. Seems (never trust a politician) to want the best in interest for all ethnic groups. Has run a pretty strong race so far; didn't take off his campaign to work on the Bailout.

CON: Might be assassinated by racists. Sad but true. Too many of them in this country...

[i]Biden (Bisquick)[/i] - Old fart. Been in politics a long time. Knows what the hyeck he's doing...or seems to, at least.

CON: Could die. He's old.

[b] Republicans [/b]

[i]McCain (McClaim)[/i] - Older Republican. Been in the politics business for a long while. Similar to Biden. Would be oldest President ever elected. Seems tired after the weekend of the Bailout plan.

CON: Old. Like Biden, he could die.

[i]Palin (Phailin) [/i]- From Alaska. Yeah. New to politics. Yeah.

CON: Doesn't seem to know what the $()@_!)_!@#)[email protected]!#)_!#)_!#)![email protected]#)!_ she's doing. SO many people have made fun of her because of her remarks about this and that.

I'll post more later, but this is just preliminary stuff. I'd give the nod to Obama...just because his VP knows what he's doing.

Even if he is named after food. :( Edited by AxeluteZero

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Obama is definitly the best of the two, everyone keeps on talking about how he has no experiance but Biden has experience and Obama Surely has more experiance then Paline

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