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Physics 2016 specimen papers

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Does anyone know where I could find specimen papers for the new physics guide for may 2016?



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You can directly download a pdf with all specimen papers here (SL + HL):


The students I have in IB and passing the exams this year are all SL, so this morning I did the SL paper 2.

Please note a mistake in the Markscheme: Question 1.d:

As you all know, the volume of a cylinder is pi x r2 x h (r is radius, h is height). They gave internal diameter in the text (3.5m) but used that value as a radius in the Markscheme, leading to a factor 4 error in the final result (The number of molecules in the cylinder is 2.7 x 1023 instead of 1.1 x 1024...)

As a side note: Many of my students make this rooky mistake of reading the text too fast and injecting the diameter instead of radius in formulas. Keep an eye on these mini-traps that punctuate IB papers guys! Even markschemes fall for them sometimes lol!



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