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Looking for a Extended Essay Tutor / Help in English B

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Hey guys, 


I am currently trying to put the finishing touches on my EE. After several sessions with my supervisor and countless attempts to improve it, I am still being told that my essay does not work in accordance with the rubric and that there is still potential to improve it. My EE supervisor refuses to give me any further information than telling me I should make sure it goes in accordance with the rubric and I slowly feel like she does not really have any experience with EE supervision. I have already requested a different supervisor but have been told that there is no capacity as we only have 1 english teacher with the IB Diploma qualification and the other ones are therefore not allows to give me feedback. I made friends and family read over it but they could not really help me as english is not their first language. Thus I am now at a point at which I feel like some external help/feedback from someone with experience would be very useful in order to get my Essay to the next level and move my score into the range of an A or B. Of course I am not looking for anyone to add content to my essay but rather give me the feedback that my EE supervisor does not provide me with. 


The essay is written for English B and focuses on the novel "To kill a Mockingbird". I am now wondering If anyone has any suggestions for tutors they have worked with previously or simply has experience themselves with EEs please let me know as I am unsure how I should proceed with this matter. Thank you very much and wish all of you the best with your upcoming exams !!  

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