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is my bio ia topic fine?

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My topic is researching the effects of different concentrations of sucrose on germinating soybean seeds. I know that other people in my class are doing germination for the IA too but instead of using sucrose concentrations as the independent variable, they are using different concentrations of SALT.

It makes a bit more sense as to why they chose salt since salt is often used to melt the snow but after, it may affect the surrounding environment negatively by decreasing the growth of plants, etc.. So basically my question is, is my IA topic fine in that I chose to use sucrose as an independent variable? or is that random and unjustified?  


alskdj i guess its not unjustified because I explained in the introduction that I was curious to find out if the extra amount of sugar might provide more energy to the seeds in the form of ATP by the process of cellular respiration. But I remember my teacher saying that the experiment has to somewhat model real life situations. (Previously, my first IA proposal was using agar cubes that had an indicator present in it, and if you place the cubes in acid, they would change colour over time due to diffusion. But my teacher said that cells don't normally work under acidic conditions so she rejected it. And the idea in general was too simple..). I'm kind of confused because I don't think germination occurs naturally with sugar in the surroundings (like, in real life situations, it doesn't happen?) unlike with the salt scenario I described earlier, but is my topic fine because I just want to test the results?


Please reply!! I'm a bit tight on time as the report is due quite soon and I cannot start the actual experiment before I have my topic down pat. And sorry for typing so much, if there's anything that's unclear, I will try to further explain it.

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