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A low grade in history HL, no clear progress

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Before I get into the IB, I did IGCSE's and I took the extended exam scoring a B" — the equivalent of a 6 approximately. Anyways, I am really passionate about history. I work so hard, regularly revise and do my homework.

Most of the content we've covered so far is familiar with me and so I didn't face much difficulty.

In November of 2015, each student was given a Progress Report about how we're doing so far. At our school, they have this "0.5" system where it's not just a solid "6" but could be an "6.5", for example.

I got a 4.5 grade and to be honest I was disappointed. My mother and I met with the teacher and talked to him about it in the parent-student-teacher evening. He said that I'm doing so well, so far, and he thinks that this level is a good start because he wants to show the progress as time passes in the following report cards. For the record, I scored a 5 on the first test, a 6 on the second and a 4 on the first test on Paper 1 (sources). Giving me an average of 5

Just two days ago (February 14th), I got my First Semseter report card and boom!! A 4.5!!! AGAIN!!! All of my other subjects are mostly 6's, few 5's though in the languages.

I need help!!

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