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Stuck within the province for medical school?

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Is is true that if I go to somewhere like Quebec or BC for undergrad studies, I will have trouble applying to other provinces' medical schools later? The main issue is Ontario; I've done some research and it seems to me that it's the only province without the in-province resident quotas. I know it's still early but I really want to keep doors open; I BC and Quebec sounds nice for undergrad, and I'd probably want to stay there, but I don't want to blow my chances of Ontario schools since there are so many medical schools there VS only the one in BC/QC...


I looked at some admissions statistics and students coming from outside the province are generaelly low in number, but I can't tell if that's due to admissions rules/bias or because nobody really crosses provinces because they just don't want to. For example, McMaster only took 9 non-Ontario med students one year...

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