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Extended essay in Economics

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Hi everyone, 

I have been thinking about writing my EE in economics about the pharmacuetical industry in Sweden. I would be focusing on the company AstraZenica. I will be rasearching somthing about the market structure, since the market strucutre for pharmaceuticals recently changed here in Sweden from a monopoly to an oligopoly. And discuss if this has increased the productivity and the allocative and productive efficiency. 

So my question would be something like: How does the market structure of the pharamaceutical industry affect the sales and studies of the

pharmaceutical products?

Do you guys think that thís is too narrow or too broad? Can i use this?

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This topic is way too broad for an extended essay in economics! When you write an EE in eco, then one of the most primary thing that fetches you marks is the primary research that you conduct. So you have to make sure that you conduct a good survey (or any other relevant research method) and so you have narrow the research question down to a specific area or a locality in your city. This will not only make your research work effective, but simple also. 


Also the question that you have asked is very vague. I personally feel that starting with 'To what extent' would be better in your case.Otherwise the question and area of research that you have chosen is pretty good for an Eco EE. But just make sure that you don't make it BM centric! Even in the IB EE guide, it is given that most of students lose marks in an Eco EE because their final work is more about BM than Eco. So the research question like this one- "To what extent are the sales and studies of pharmaceutical products affected by the market structure of its industry in _______ area/ Locality of ______ city. Also you should mention the date from which your research is started and ended. 


Hope this helps! :)

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