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Chem IA: Topic needed with no lab access and four days until due

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Okay, so I've been busy with a lot of things lately. I had my HI finished just a few days ago because a bunch of things had gotten in the way in January granting me an extension, I've been travelling a lot for debate, and to make a long story short my chem IA has been on the backburner for a liiiiittle too long. My original experiment was one that involved the cooling ability that different molarities of salt water could have on a closed system, to see if an in-ceiling air conditioning system powered by naturally cooled sea water could be feasible. It was a really neat topic but I have absolutely no time to build the apparatus I had designed for it, so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't have access to my school's lab before the due date because I'm leaving for a debate tournament in Toronto tomorrow, so I think I have to do something with a database or spreadsheet. The thing is, I have no idea where to start with either of those, and don't know what kinds of topics I could use for either of them. I know I can't get topics on here, but does anyone have any quick run downs on how to make a database or spreadsheet IA, and whether or not any of the following topics would be remotely feasible given my limitations, and where I could actually find a useful database.


  • Reactions between different prescription medications, their consequences, and what causes them
  • Concentrations of caffeine in coffee plants in soils with different PH's
  • Look for other ionic compounds that could lower the freezing point of water (like salt on roads in the winter)
  • What structural similarities to compounds that sublimate instead of melt have (i.e Caffeine)

Please help I'm dying here and also have no sleep

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I hope its not too late. For what its worth, the last 2 topics look good, but like you said, you're out of time so its not possible to conduct experiments for that. For the last one, you can get the structures online and then see what makes them similar. Your original topic was really good as well, in fact, its better than the rest. If possible, ask for another extension. Then you can perform the experiment to get the results. If you need to take multiple readings, you can just manipulate data - faster than actually taking it.


Hope this helped! If you need any other help writing the IA and whatnot, you can check out my blog. :D

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