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Maths SL IA - is this a suitable topic?

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I have found two topics I think would be interesting to do my Maths SL IA on.


1. The Devil's curve. Is writing an exploration of this curve too difficult at standard level? 

http://mathworld.wolfram.com/DevilsCurve.html The calculations look complicated at least.. So, what do you think?


2. Lissajous curves. These look cool but perhaps even more complicated than the devil's curve? Would it be suitable to do an IA on these curves?

http://mathforum.org/mathimages/index.php/Lissajous_Curve It would be interesting to investigate why they look like they do and how and why they change when the parameters are altered.


My current topic is about the Richter scale, and I am kind of lost. I have explained how it is used to find the magnitude of an earthquake and the amount of energy released. But my gut tells me it is not enough maths included. 



What should I do? Any suggestions for my current IA on Richter scale? What about the two topics I included, should I switch to one of them while I can?





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