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Requested External Moderation for TOK Presentation

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I am an IB student in the final year. Near the end of the previous year, we did our TOK presentation. I worked very hard for it and did (I believe) extremely well, and all classmates who witnessed it agreed. My TOK teacher strongly dislikes fast talkers, and I am one. I also did the presentation individually, so I only had 10 minutes to fit in my information, all of which was important and necessary. I ended up getting an 8/10 where many people in my class got a 10 who felt they did not deserve one. I believe that my teacher had an unfair bias against me and marked me far lower than I deserved.


I heard recently that it is possible to send assignments to IB moderators on request if one strongly believes that they were unfairly marked, and the moderators can mark the assessment piece and potentially increase/decrease a mark as a result of that. I have good reason to believe that this is true and possible.


If this is so, who do I contact, where and how? I have a video of my TOK presentation.


I appreciate your help and consideration of this question. Thank you very much.

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I don't know the answer to this, but your best bet is to go and talk to your IB Co-ordinator as, if this is possible, it would end up being them sending it off for you!

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Before seeing Sandwich's answer, I went to my IB Coordinator who referred me to the school's official TOK coordinator, who asked me to submit the video evidence of my speech as well as corresponding documents. She is having them moderated within the school before she decides whether to send them to the IB. My tip for anybody who has this problem or something similar (anything to do with unfair in-school marking that you require re-moderation from) is to go straight to your IB Coordinator who will do anything they can to help you.

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