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IB Chemistry HL Revision advice?! (may2016)

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Hi everybody :) 


I'm currently in IB2 my exams are exactly two months from today and i need to start revision but when it comes to chemistry i'm completely lost! My aim for the final is to hopefully achieve a 5 (a 6 would be great but honestly i'd be equally happy with a 5 it's all i need for uni) so my question is does anyone have advice on how to achieve this? Do i take notes? read from the book? past paper questions are a must of course. And for those of you who have taken IB before how did you all revise? and did it help you achieve the grade you wanted? 


any and all advice is appreciated :)


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I didn't take HL, just SL, and in the old syllabus (or I think, at least, that it changed since then). The green/blue Geoff Neuss guide (which probably changed its cover in the meantime) was enough of a revision for me. If I didn't exactly understand some concept, I'd go for help to the Pearson Baccalaureate book (I loved the pearson baccalaureate books, they were so colourful and full of clear graphs and explanations). Plus literally all of the past papers I could get my hands on, timed. 

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