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Choosing subjects for Dp1-2

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Dear fellow students or seniors,

I am a myp 5 student that have to choose his subject for Dps. I have 6 more days to choose what subjects i should take which have to be 3 high lever and 3 standard level. This is my suggestion but i really do not know what i wanna be in future,


 English: language and lit A SL

Spanish AB or Swedish B Sl

Economic : HL

Biology : HL

History  : Hl

Math      : Sl


IM not sure if i can do this. I am an average student so i want you who have been in this position to help me out, give me some adivse and other information.


Thank you 




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In general, it is really hard to judge whether or not courses are doable for other people. But, I feel that these are a fairly doable course load. 

I took SL math and found it fairly easy to balance the homework for it with my other classes. It is not super intense as long as you can keep up with "fast paced" math. 

I am taking HL history and have found it to be a lot of reading and rather time consuming. That being said, I do enjoy it 98% of the time as most of the content is interesting. I am taking HL English, which for the most part is similar to the SL. English is not my strongest subject, but I have been able to do fairly well in it. Again, it is a lot of reading and being able to understand/interpret the deeper meanings of texts. 

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