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Extended Essay - lactobacillus, caffein

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Hey guys

So Ive kinda sorta decided on my EE topic.
RQ- identifying the effect of caffeine on the growth rate of gut bacteria like lactobacillus.acidophilus and lactobacillus._____" (havent decided which species to take rn)

Is this too simple for an EE? Will this take 40 hours? I know i can pull off some graphs/tables but is this too generic?

And also, will it stretch out to 4000 words?


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Firstly, the number of hours you put into this doesn't matter. No one really cares whether you completed your essay in 2 hours or 200, so you shouldn't worry about the time. Secondly, generating tables and graphs won't be enough as this is EE, not IA. With only this, I don't think you can go to 4000 words. To be on a safe side, you should have at least 3500 words, but this might fall short of that too. For that reason, you should have 2 independent variables, rather than one. This will ensure that you have more things to talk about and will automatically increase your word count. You can, for example, include two of those bacteria instead of just one. If coffee has different impacts on each, you can then explain what (the impact is) and why it happens. Its not too simple either. The topic's good. Good luck on your EE! :)

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