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I've had a hard time finding articles. Every article I find is either too broad or too narrow. I want to write about how beef consumption is a major cause of climate change but every article I find is too analytical. 


I found this article, is it any good? http://elitedaily.com/life/global-warming-beef/1353990/


Do you have any tips when it comes to finding articles? Any help will be greatly appreciated!



Thank you in advance! :)

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First thing that comes to my mind after reading the topic is - exactly which section does this article fit into? development? maybe not....

Its not so easy to find good articles for the IA. You need to know which section you want to do you IA in. Then you can look for articles related to that. For example, if you wanna do it in micro, the most common example is the negative externalities and market failure. For that, go to google search for smoking (as thats an example of a negative externality). You can have a look at bbc.com reuters.com economictimes.com forbes.com economist.com ft.com or have a look at website of any newspaper or magazine. The sources are unlimited. Just narrow down your search and you'll find a good article.


If you think its too broad, you can highlight some sections of the articles, the ones that you will use for your commentary. That way, the moderator/teacher will only consider those parts. Also, while looking at an article, make sure that it has at least a few economic terms. You should keep in mind what you want from the article, i.e. decide first what you want your article to be about and then go looking for it. Its easier that way!

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