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Help needed for Math SL IA

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Hi guys,  I have trouble finding topics for my math IA.. :/


I get an average of grade 4 for my Math SL, so just want you to know that I am not advanced in Math.



I have been finding topics for IA.... Also real example from past IA but I still do not know what should I do...



Actually, I do not completely understand what is the main point of IA in Math?


For Example (I looked up this) ; the IA was about an airplane wing and he/she did some maths with it. I mean I do not understand of what to do with the selected topic. 


One of my idea is a projectile...as I said I have no idea how to apply mathematic into it and make IA from it. 


If possible please answer questions below:

What is the point of IA? (What are you trying to find)?

What are techniques of creating IA?

How do you consider your work as an IA?

How do you know that your work is an IA?

How many calculation, including technics are required for IA?


An example would be great



Thank you very very much. 


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Hey what's up!!!

Here's a really useful resource that's free:


They provide you with plenty of ideas, give a good breakdown of the criterias, and it's just overall really useful!

Further, you can also check this guide that we wrote on the Math IA:


Best wishes,



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