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Hi guys!

I need some help with choosing the right subjects: I can't really decide whether I'm able to do 7 subjects, and as for now, everything shows that I'll have to:

Right now I'm in a public high school in Poland, so e.g I can't choose anything else in Group 1 besides Polish A, but my biggest problem is that I'm very interested in studying medicine or Asian studies (with Korean) which requires taking Language B at at least SL. 

Having kept that in mind, I have to decide on my subjects untill the end of March; for now I'm thinking of: 1.Polish A SL 2.English A SL 3.History HL 4.Biology SL 5.Math HL 6.Chemistry HL 7.German SL

I'd also like to add that I'm quite good at History, so I don't think I'll have problems with it, I don't like my Bio teacher and that's why I'm not taking it on HL.

Is it too much?

If I manage my time well, is this combination posiible? :)

Thank you for all your advice!! <3 



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It will be tough, but I guess if you put a lot of effort in you could pull it off.


Do keep in mind you're doing 3 language courses and Math + Chemistry HL, 2 of the generally hardest IB courses. I don't fully know about your situation, do you really need 3 languages?


And if you're interested in medicine I'd suggest to take out history because you don't need it for university and you're just adding a lot of unneeded work and stress to your workload. However if you do this you may have to take a language at HL.

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If you're considering Medicine (and especially if contemplating applying to UK universities) you will also need HL Biology, not SL. Regardless of your feelings about your teacher!

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