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Getting a DIPLOMA with lowest grades from TOK and EE?

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Hello IBsurvival community,
I never thought that I will be writing a post regarding this particular question, but I guess once in a while there comes a time when you are so unsure of yourself that you desperately need someone's opinion.
The situation might sound a little bit sketchy but as I am a huge procrastinator I left my Psychology due to the very last night before it was supposed to be turned in.
So basically, today morning went to meet my coordinator in order to fill and sign the cover sheet for the submission of EE. However, to my surprise, I found out that my coordinator had already printed my essay (but, unfortunately, it was the wrong draft - it was my 1st draft with my teachers comments). Despite that, in the reflection part my teacher wrote that ''This is the 1st draft of the student as he did not take the opportunity to improve his essay according to the comments and also did not take part in the viva voce.''
Luckily I was allowed to switch my EE 1st draft copy for the final one, but the coordinator said that he won't change the reflection of the essay. It made me feel as if I was accused of plagiarism as (first of all since I got to switch my 1st draft for the final, the content of the current one obviously is of a better quality as I also adjusted it according to my teachers comments. Second of all, it mentions that I did not take part in the viva voce even know I was not aware there was going to be one.
So to summarize this all and get to the point my question is what are the chances that the examiners might interpret my teachers reflection as plagiarism? And is viva voce mandatory or is it just me being lucky that my school ended up accepting my EE for final submission?
As well, as is it possible to get awarded a grade D for both TOK and EE, which would result in 0 extra points, and still receive the diploma?
Thanks a lot,


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