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Pre-IB Subject Choices

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Hi guys!

So, we were just recently interviewed individually by our IB Coordinator, and she looked over our grades. She pretty much said that my IB choices would be:

HL: English A: Language and Literature*, Biology and ITGS

SL: Mathematics, Chemistry** and Spanish ab initio

*English A: Language and Literature - how difficult is this subject? I am currently a 5 in this subject, and I need at least a 6 or 7 to enter the HL course of L&L.

**Chemistry: I finished this class with a 3 as my final grade. Assuming I absolutely suck in Chemistry, how will I survive Chemistry SL?

My goal is graduate with at least 42 points. Is that a little too ambitious, especially I have two subjects that I most likely won't be doing well in?

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Rather than becoming pessimistic about how you can't get 42, you should develop specific plans to improve in both chemistry and English Lang/Lit. With good study habits and access to proper resources (eg textbooks or student sample works / past papers) can help you score higher grades. Certainly you have lots of time because you are not even in the actual program yet.
Best luck!

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I don't think you have to worry. 

If you don't do well in chemistry, there are always other science choices. Also, English Lang&Lit is not too bad. For me, I found L&L to be better than Lit, where we have to read dozens of texts per year. I think the subject selection you have is just fine, but if you find any of the courses to be overly challenging, you can always change it.

Don't worry about the grades too much!!! If this is something to do with university, forget about it, because universities look at other things as well as your grades. Honestly, DP is not as arduous as you think; as long as you are thorough with the content and revise the materials well, there is no problem. The teachers should be available to guide you through the journey, so don't hesitate to ask them too. See how you go at the start, then you can set specific goals that can help you achieve the score you want.

I wish you good luck:)

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