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Chemistry IA Help please :(

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I was just wondering if someone was able to help me regarding my chem ia for this year because I'm really struggling and the teacher wants them in!! 

So basically, we began with him giving us different methods that we could choose from, and I chose "determining the total calcium and magnesium ion concentration of Milk" and I've found this for five types of milk, using titration. How could I use the information that I have to make this into an investigation, i.e.. "How does x affect/determine y?"

Please help me, I am really struggling and this is taking up so much time that I could be using on all my other IAs!! 

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You have to use quantitative variables in your IA. "Type of milk" is not quantitative.

What's different between the types of milk? Something you can measure quantitatively? Difficult. % of fat? Search what factors change the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions. Maybe you get people to taste them and rate them 1 to 5 strongest flavour to lightest one and see how it correlates with amount of calcium? (which is technically quantifying the variable but mmm a bit borderline).

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