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IB English A Literature Written Assignment (World Literature) Help

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Guys can you please help me out in my Written Assignment.

I feel that I have a good topic in terms of content but the research question does not explicitly refer to any of the following key words: symbols, motifs, themes and role. Is it still safe to proceed with such a topic. I checked a few sample essays that scored a high grade and all of them used at least one of the above words in their essay research question. Since I am focusing on a character, I might not be able to include these key words into my RQ, but I will be able to explicitly refer to them in my essay.

Also, is writing an essay about a character accepted or does it have to focus on symbolism and imagery? This is a major character (the antagonist in way) but only comes in the latter half of the novel. Does the world lit essay need a topic that addresses the whole book?

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You should make sure that your RQ allows an in depth analysis as much as some of the topics you mentioned, like "symbols" or "motifs". The RQ should be something specific and narrow, yet you can discuss with around 1500 words. There are some books in which the character portrayal is so much more important than any motif or overarching theme. The key question you need to answer is "why make the character such and such". The "why" is more accessible in discussions of symbols and motifs, but in order to discuss characters only you need to pinpoint this "why". 

Discuss your RQ thoroughly with your teacher. Best luck!

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