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Subject choice dilemma!!!!

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I am a student currently doing my IGCSEs. I opted for triple science (the three sciences as individual subjects) and geography plus Spanish. 

We have to make our 1st draft for IB choices very soon, and I am feeling a little conflicted. It's quite difficult for me considering I am unsure of what I would like to study in university, so I am sort of going for what I am good at and what will open me up to university options (I want to study in Australia).

So far my choice is as follows:

HL Geography 

HL Economics or business management 

HL Physics (yikes)

SL Math

SL Spanish b 

SL Lang/lit or Lit  (which is better?) 

I am considering a double degree of law and commerce in Australia, so  do I need a HL essay based subject like English? In that case should I opt for 4 Hls or is that insane? 

Which one is better if I would like to take commerce in university econs or b&m.? I herd that b&m is less respected. 

All in all, would the work load be too much to take econs (never done it) along with physics, considering that physics is quite hard? 

Do my subject choices give a large variety of options for university or are they too everywhere? 


Thank you SOOO much for taking the time to read this, please feel free to replay with the blantent truth! :help:

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I first of all think that you don't have to be as worried about physics as you are right now. I find that it is easier to score high on physics than in chemistry, and I take both in higher level. Also, if you perhaps are considering future in law, than I suggest changing English SL to HL. I heard that one of the students in our school was able to get into LSC for law because she took up English A HL. As for the actual lang&lit or lit course, it really depends on which content suits you the best. For me, I couldn't handle the idea of covering dozens of books per year; so I took Lang&Lit. 

However, if you are considering a study in commerce, than English HL may not be as necessary. In this case stick with the things you have, but I recommend economics over b&m. IB HL economics course covers a lot of content that most school programs won't cover, so it is sufficient to take up econ HL and still apply for commerce in university. Economics is not very difficult, and it is really logical in that you would find the first few units like "what am I doing in this class when everything just is so obvious." 

Overall, remember that these are just suggestions. You know that you can change your courses initially if you don't think that the course is right for you. 4 HLs are not as difficult as you assume, and although sometimes you might be overloaded with things to do, the school generally tries to balance it out for the students by having only two assessments per day, etc. Also, some universities may require you to take a subject at a specific level, so have a look at what the system is like in Australia too.

I wish you a good luck:)

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THANKYOU so much!!!! 

I am really now going to consider taking English as a  HL subject and I will most likely take Lang/lit (because yeah I am not a novel person).  I will either drop geo (probably switch it for sl Chem or something else I like), because I feel that geo is quite irrelevant for anything I want to do (only thinking of taking it because I've already studied it) and I'll  talk to my teachers about 4  HLs.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a reply with such detail (and a fast one too)! I really apriciate it! 

I wish you the best of luck in your exams next year and all your IA stuff!!! ;) 

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