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hey so im currently freaking out right now, i have no idea whats a good kq and whats not so i made this one up 

To what extent is it ethical for governments to place restrictions on citizens?

my rls is the virginia tech massacre 

my overall thing is gun control

is my kq ok????

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I'm not absolutely sure about this one, as there's not much reference to actual, well, knowledge in your knowledge question. You have to remember, this is greatly focused on ways of knowing and how people's knowledge and opinions derive from that particular topic/real life situation.

I'd recommend determining your perspectives and the ways of knowing used by each first, and then figuring out your question using those ways of knowing. A trick our teacher told us was "How do -way of knowing 1- and -way of knowing 2- do _____?" Of course, this won't work in all scenarios, but try it out!

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