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Physics EE - Loudspeakers

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Hi everyone!

I'm kinda stuck with my EE now, and time is running out...

So, I've been doing my EE on loudspeakers. I started out by figuring out the frequency response of two speakers, but now I am in doubt if this will be enough. By research question goes along the lines of : Comparison of two loudspeakers in terms of f. r.

After going through a lot of books, it seems that there really isn't much that I can write about it (since I mostly can only write that there is a difference between the speakers, and reason by telling it is because of the way they are made... this ee is quantitatively I believe). Now being done with all the measurements and such, I feel my EE might be to simple. Anyone have any suggestions? Any idea if I can releate the frequency response with something else? Like a relationship between some factors? I feel that a Physics EE without even a equation is to simple! (apart from the dB scale that I will explain)

Damn, writing the EE is such a PITA...

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Being too simple wouldn't be a problem. The problem that I think you should be considering is if the essay as a [i]purpose[/i]. If you can find a good purpose for your essay then the simplest of Physics EEs (if tackled intelligently and in a way that conforms with the criteria) would get a good mark I believe.

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