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I'm currently writing my IA in Psychology HL about Loftus and Palmer 1974. For calculating the inferential results I have used the Mann-Whitney U test and justified it by saying that I used an independent meeasure design in my experiment. I don't really know if that's enough for justifying it or if I should include other reasons?


Thank you for the help. 


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You probably measured speed of the car which is technically an interval/ratio data level so the appropriate test would be a t-test. However, because you probably have a small data set then tests for ordinal data like Mann Whitney are justified as they tend to be less likely to give false positives (it is usually harder to get a small p value for Mann Whitney compared to a t-test). That is the justification I would use.

Basically the choice of inferential test depends on the design (indpendent vs repeated measures) and the measurement level of the data (interval/ratio, ordinal, nominal) as well as the sample size.

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