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Environmental Systems and Societies Internal Assessment

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Hello, I'm currently doing my ESS IA and I wanted to know if the planning could be different to the data recollection section. So for instance, if I could  do the planning on seed germination and the data recollection on pollution in my city or do they have to be the same topic? 

Thank you for the help!

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Hey there,

Things might have changed since I was an IB student, and you should probably talk to your teacher to be sure (your teacher is the one who will evaluate your work after all), but from what I remember, we were able to submit parts of different reports for the IA. We could submit two entire reports, and that'd be it, or fragments of multiple different reports if we thought that'd be better for our overall grade. Keep in mind, though, this was according to the 2010 syllabus, and things might have changed. 


Good luck! 

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