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What is your opinion on having one test grade for the quarter that is worth 70% of the students grade. 

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I think it's quite ridiculous, as a student in a school district that tests incredibly often, I can't say that I see any benefits to testing in general, and I believe the current system puts way too much emphasis on standardized tests. (Thanks to IB, a lot of the exams we are exempt from, but I cannot begin to understand how miserable it is for kids who are not in IB). 

As for a singular test that is worth 70%, I think it is unreliable and really risky to place that much emphasis on one test for a class. Things like bad days, stress, lack of sleep (haha), play a really large role, and if it happens that the day the test is slated to be taken you are miserable and not at your full capacity, you may score as well as you would have at your full potential. That's why I am so against testing- in a sense, it is a hit or miss standard of education.

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