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Post-IB Thoughts: Was it worth it?

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Seeing as I'm in my final month and a half of the IB, I thought it would be interesting to discuss our thoughts on the whole IB experience.


I think that the most useful aspects of the IB were English, Psychology, ToK and the Extended Essay. I was good at those things, but now I'm better. ToK and EE introduced me to philosophy, Psych taught me how my mind works (and how the minds of others work) and English sharpened the razor of my analytical and stylistic skills to a point where Occam would be envious.

Mathematics, ESS and Theatre were useless. The Theatre course was most likely written by clueless, pensive academic's who've never set foot outside of their ivory tower to experience REAL ART (make of that what you will). Mathematics and ESS were good courses, but it was like trying to teach a goldfish how to climb a tree. No matter how hard I tried, I knew that I wasn't built for it and would NEVER need it.

Now it's your turn!!! This thread is your arena, your rhetoric is your sword. FIGHT!

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Although sometimes it felt like IBO was trying to screw us over (I'm guessing you heard about physics paper 1 and 2?) overall it was pretty worthwhile. CAS forced me to try new activities as I never participated much in extracurriculars before (I'm a typical introvert). And, I know this is an unpopular opinion but I think tok was useful as it forced me to look at things from other perspectives even if I don't agree with them. Most of it was pretty annoying and overly convoluted, but it did make me more open minded. 

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