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Help with my choices

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Hey, I'm a few days away from finalizing my IB choices for 11th and 12th Grade (year 12 and year 13), but I am having some trouble deciding where to focus my studies. I am currently wanting to go on and study law but I feel there is no guarantee I will feel that way in 2 years so I am stuck between two sets of IB courses;

1. HL History - HL Lang. and Lit. - HL Economics - SL French Ab initio - SL Mathematics - SL Chem or Physics

2. HL Chemistry - HL Physics - HL Lang. and Lit. - SL French Ab initio - SL Mathematics - SL History

My thoughts right now;

List 1 allows me to focus on the subjects that i would most likely be using if I were to go on and do Law, but if i was to change my mind it would leave me a bit stranded in terms of choices. I also love History.

List 2, from what I've seen would allow me to get admitted to many top Universities for Law, however if I was to change my mind and not want to peruse Law I would have a lot more options available to me compared to List 1. The main draw back of this list is the fact that I am not studying many subjects related to law in my HL's, which may affect my ability to be competitive for high-teir Law courses.

Any input would be appriciated! 

P.S- The rigor of the courses doesn't bother me much.

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