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Kicked out of IB before graduation?

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My friend met with the IB counseler today and said that they kicked her out of IB because apparently one of her bio major experiments for IA was faked (Bio teacher and 2 other teachers said it didn't seem possible), which isn't true. Are they allowed to kick her out as this point without any warning and tell her that she has to get all these regular credits, when there is only 20 DAYS before graduation? Please help.

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When the cover page (eg moderation cover page) has not been signed, or her work was not chosen for moderation, this case must be resolved within the school. (article 28.1 http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group0/d_0_dpyyy_vmx_1509_1/pdf/DP_regs_e.pdf). IB also says the school internal academic policy should allow students some right to defend themselves in cases of accusations of misconduct. You can read this document in greater detail: http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group0/d_0_dpyyy_vmx_1509_1/pdf/academichonesty_e.pdf. The same document at one point also says


For academic honesty, this can mean that the idea of shared responsibility in the PYP and MYP for ensuring a piece of work is the student’s own risks becoming the sole responsibility of the DP student, should a case of academic misconduct arise (Carroll 2012). Thus, teaching and learning in the DP must develop the positive behaviours that students will need to demonstrate clearly that they complete their work carefully, honestly and authentically


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