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Hey everyone, as you know there is a new syllabus for the experimental sciences with first examinations starting May 2016. I looked through the IBO website online to see the syllabus changes and I saw something about the NOS. Under "Changes to External Assessment," it states that: Assessment of the NOS may be incorporated into any of the questions in the three examination papers. Throughout the syllabus it seems very vague, but it starts becoming more descriptive in the headings for each lesson, such as: "Concepts—the concept of the mole developed from the related concept of “equivalent mass” in the early 19th century", or "Making careful observations and obtaining evidence for scientific theories—Avogadro's initial hypothesis." What really is the nature of science and does this mean that they are testing historical events in chemistry? And in biology and physics?

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From what my teacher has told me there could be a P1 or P2 question on Nature of Science but it is usually common sense. I think if we learn what the syllabus guide has about it we'll be fine.

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