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SPANISH B SL- No concept of test at all

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I was really insecure about posting this one as it seems like everyone on here goes to really great IB schools and are aiming for 6's and up on exams. Well, I go to a poorly funded school that has an IB program with some great classes and teachers. I'm just aiming for a diploma, so for 4s and possibly 5s. Just thought I'd point that out first. 

I'm pretty confident of the test curriculum for most of my subjects, except for Spanish. Last year I had a really old but wise spanish teacher who was really strict but a very good teacher. Well, she retired, and this year our teacher is new to the school and IB. She's an ok teacher but doesn't have the same strict methods that my last teacher had. Instead, her class focuses a lot of listening comprehension and speaking, with very little emphasis on learning vocabularly/practiciing verb charts and the like. I think we had like 2 tests this year so far. She also teaches some from the IB book but not enough to where I feel confident in getting a 4 or even a 3. Overall, she is doing the best she can but I still have that nasty feeling of being unprepared for the test. 

I don't know what to do anymore. I've been trying to self-study but I'm lost on what exactly I should be studying. Could someone give an overview of paper 1 and 2 so I at least know what to expect when test day comes around? 

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I'm taking HL but the exams are basically the same. (I also did some practice SL tests in class last year)

Paper 1: Basically reading comprehension. For SL you have 90 mins to read 3 texts and answer 30[?] questions. Some matching, true/false, multiple guess, short answer, and fill in the blanks. 

Paper 2: a response to a prompt. The goal is test your ability to recognize and use the correct tone (formal vs informal)

Most likely you will be fine. Being able to use the language in context is better than knowing how to conjugate every last verb. 

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