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Hello, guys! This is an EMERGENCY situation ( I have 5 days to correct my report) and I need your advice (from who already passed though personal project year 5 MYP). The purpose of my personal project was to explore the topic of medicinal herbs in Georgia, then to create a glossary-book with all this investigation and then to manage a herbal tea event in school where to prepare and give people to degust different types of herbal tea, everything in order to inform my audience about the real value of the natural "way" to our health. I think that the global context which fits my project is “Scientific and technical innovation”. I concentrated on the “interaction between people and the natural world” part. I chose this because I explored medicinal herbs from Georgia, herbs as a part of natural world; I researched how medicinal herbs help people’s health; I had a lot of interviews with persons from this domain in order to observe how this topic is treated; also surveys to see people's opinion about natural medicine. 

But my teachers says that my global context is "Identities and relationships" - physical health - even so, I think that this does not fit completely my project, because as I mentioned, I had interviews to see the connections between people and herbs; I explored the history of natural medicinal in Georgia etc.  

What do you think about it?


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Hi, I finished the report this year.

I personally lean more towards your opinion. I also think your project leans more towards scientific and technical innovation. However if she wants you to talk about identities and relationships, maybe you could talk about the importance of these helps to the people of Georgia (the interaction between people and the natural environment also works here) and how these herbs have shaped their cultures?

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