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I have the choice between doing a-levels in september or the ib.

If i did the ib i would take:




Film studies-SL

Math Studies-SL


I'm not quite sure what I want to do when I'm older, but I'm looking at becoming a film director. Are these a good range of subjects? Also, I'm a procrastinator so would I find it hard to stay on top of the ib or would I get used to the workload? 

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If you're a procrastinator, either you (and your grades) are going to suffer or IB will kick it out of you - it depends on how you'll react to the stress. You have to remember, IB isn't just the six subjects, but also CAS and TOK - yes, most people do extra-curricular activities anyway, but trust me, you're going to want free time and procrastinating is not going to help you. However, you have to remember, this is the case with any curriculum. The most of us would chose procrastination over anything else, but it's going to cause problems regardless of the path you choose.

I don't know the requirements for taking a film career, but wouldn't film studies be best in HL? English is obviously good at HL for that, but I'd be cautious about Biology and Psychology HL depending on where your strengths lie. If you're good with memorisation, then no problem. Otherwise, perhaps choose one at SL? I don't take Psychology, but I know that the Psychology students at my school have to know ~96 essay plans. As a history student, we only need to know ~25 and that's for HL too. Be wary of your strengths and weaknesses.

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