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Developing idea help

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My partner and I are in the early process of developing an idea and the one that we agree is interesting is Utopia and why it is something we strive for and yet can never have due to human nature. However, the more we develop the topic, the harder it seems to be which is what I would like some guidance on. I feel that the subject can be too one-sided or too much a closed question; possibly I am asking the wrong questions. 

To start with a Real Life Example is also difficult as many of the best examples of failed Utopian attempts are not very well known and would not be discussion friendly for our audience. I don't want to have to do a ton of research also for this same reason. The initial idea that we had was to question why conflicting beliefs and values change our perspective of what utopia is and makes it unachievable. 


I am still new to this whole process so please be patient with me and please add any comments you have on the topic or suggestions on the process as a whole. Much appreciated and Thank You!

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