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So... if the UK leaves EU

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Hi guys!

So, I've been running around like a headless chicken for the past month-or-so because when discussing our future education with a friend, we realised that if the UK leaves EU, they'll have little reason to still give us (EU students) the loan for tuition fees, and 15k is less than many of the people in my country make in a year, so we'd never be able to attend without the loan. My friend's holding an offer from a #1 school, she'll be fine, she'll get the money from somewhere. I, on the other hand, am not exceptional academically, and nobody would fund my sorry butt. And I don't have a backup (i.e. outside the UK). Should I? 

I know there's many saying that nah, they'll never leave; but there's many who are saying that they just as well might. We won't know before the referendum, so I'm not asking about that. But those of you who live in the UK, especially if you go to university there -- what do you think about this? Are they going to cut off the EU students right away? Would they never? Is there any chatter at all?

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As far as I know, the process of leaving the EU would take a number of years (it's not an instant thing) and before they leave the EU, they can't cut us off. The don't give us loans and home fees because they like us, they do it because the EU legislation says that all member states have to treat students from other member states the same way they treat their home students. 

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