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History IA on Conspiracy Theories?

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Hey there,

It really depends on how you frame it, really. If you frame it as a history topic and root it in history literature and facts (rather than the false information that allows many of these conspiracy theories to grow), then sure. 

Note, though, that we cannot suggest to you any theories here. The choice of topic is part of the assessed work, and if we do that for you, then that will result in collusion - and you don't want to risk losing your diploma. Have a think, do some reading using history literature, find something of interest, investigate and develop a puzzle, and then come back. You don't start with a topic and then do research, you start with an idea and conduct research on that idea, before you then develop a topic and research question. Keep in mind that the best topics are those where there are disagreements between experts, though also one which hasn't been discussed in the greatest of details. 


Good luck! 

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