New CAS Format - May 2016 students?

Hey everyone!


So I'm a May 2016 student. I've "finished" my CAS activities, their reflections, etc. Here's my situation though:

Sometime during the end of IB Year 1, our CAS coordinator told us that IB has done away with the 50-50-50 hour system.

She said that as long as you have some activity in all three banners, and it all added up to 150 hours, there was no problem.


Then, during the beginning of IB Year 2, the CAS coordinator informed us that the IB has done away with the 150-hour system ENTIRELY.

Instead, we were to do 2 short-term activities and 1 long-term activity under each banner, C, A, and S.

(This also meant rewriting a lot of CAS logs as well as a lot of wasted paper but I'm not going to go into all of that.)


However, throughout this period, I found out from friends in other IB schools in my city that they are still using the original 50-50-50 hour system - to this day.


So, was there any change in the CAS system for May 2016 candidates? Or are the other IB schools in my city doing it right? And if they have been doing it right, can my school fall into trouble for no longer keeping evidence of our hours?


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As stated above, listen to your CAS coordinator. The hour-system was trashed some years ago, actually, so I think it's just the schools' way of ensuring that the students do enough CAS. We haven't been told to have this and that many activities under each section, or at least I haven't. Again, different ways of making sure we do what we have to. Your CAS coordinator knows what you should do, no worries - if he/she is wrong, it's her who gave you false information, and I do believe the IBO will recognise that. They aren't as cruel as we make them out to be.

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