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How to use the GDC to find median from probability density function

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So, for example, find the median of the probability density function f(x) = 2e^(-x^2)   for 0<x<2 (it should be bigger than and equal and smaller than and equal.) (I don't know how to type it)

I really don't know how to use the calculator to do this. I am using Ti-84.


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I no longer own an TI 84-Plus but I think you would SOLVE the equation using the integral function but using X,T,theta,n for the upper bound of the integral.
Just use MATH 9 fnint() to put in the entries using XTthetan as upper bound, then set this equal to 0.5 and solve.

Alternatively in y= you can graph the integral with variable upper bound and read off the x value for y = 0.5

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