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TOK Presenation on Unintentional Racism

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I have my  real life situation as well as my knowledge question, I'm just unsure of what I'm supposed to do next? I'm first year IB, and our TOK teacher hasn't exactly taught us much this year. At my school we traditionally don't do our presentations until the beginning of our second year, with a different (and much better) TOK teacher, however our first year teacher is making us do them now. Could someone please help me by clarifying the process and what would come next for me in the presentation? Do I just have to talk about my question and real life situation? am I supposed to talk about how the real life situation has affected me? I have no idea what to do


Real life Situation: "You’re not really black”

Knowledge question: How have false perceptions of racial norms encouraged unintentional racism in society?

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