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obligatory subjects for graphic designing! PLEASE HELP OUT:(

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So I'm a student in MYP5 and I have only 2-3months left until end of MYP5 meaning, that I'm a DP student this year September. I have to choose my IB/ DP subjects that I will do next year until end of this month. I had a lot of pressure and stress on which subjects I should do next year, however; now I know what studies that I would like to study in uni. I'd like to study GRAPHIC DESIGNING in uni. The problem is I do not know what subjects I need or is obligatory for this study.

The subjects I have chosen till now is:

Group1: English A (HL)

Group2: Spanish B (SL)

Group 3: Psychology (HL)

Group 4: Biology (SL)

Group 5: Math (SL)

Group 6: Visual Arts (HL)

The only thing I'm worried is that if I should change psychology into economics, and also Biology to physics. Is economics and physics more helpful? And btw for my personal project, I've done "Photography exhibition", will this help as well in thefuture or for the portofolio? Lastley, our school do not have the subject "design technology." Is it ok if I won't have a diploma from this subject? PLEASE GIVE ME A HAND!!!

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Hey there, I think you should check first with the universities that you are interested in going to. For Canadian universities they only require regular English, since it's mandatory for both regular and IB diploma.

I'm not sure about any obligatory courses for graphic design but visual arts seems to be the only course that would benefit you in university. If I were you I'd just take the courses that would be the most interesting but do keep in mind they are all done at the IB level, meaning that they aren't easy and will require more effort than you think.

As for design technology, our school doesn't have it either but I think it would be the only other course other than visual arts that would help you. You could try doing it self-taught, but then again that would probably be difficult if you're doing the full IB with 5 other courses.

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